The D.C. Blur

Lincoln MemorialThere’s just no time to go to all the events available to UCDC students. I have seen panels talk about U.S. aid tied to humanitarian aid, Russian military presence in Syria, the TPP agreement, I’ve heard authors speak and I have met three ambassadors, a press president and trade representatives.Today while I was too tired to go to another event this morning, students from UCDC met Hillary Clinton.

There are happy hours with free food (and long lines), free cultural festivals and music events, historical museums and monuments in the city. Oh yeah, and while this is all going on, we are all working at an internship that makes us think about our career trajectories. Oh yeah, and homesickness to deal with so that nothing is as easy as it could be. I miss the beach, good sushi and my friends. But I know that I am here for a White Housereason. This internship and these networking opportunities are a once in a lifetime experience that will increase my competitiveness in any job market.


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