Chuckin’ Up Them Deuces

The time has come to pack my bags and head back to what I figured would be the best weather in the country, thank you Pineapple Express Storm, you’re really killing the vibe. This week I broke a heel at work as well as found my god given talent: packing. I’m not kidding I managed to pack an entire Tempurpedic mattress topper in the bottom half of a suitcase. Considering putting it as a skill on my resume, that’s how impressive it was. And while on the topic of packing some advice for incoming students to UCDC, especially those from Santa Barbara:

  • You do not need crop tops. It is far too cold and people will stare at you as if you were an alien.
  • Pack rain boots and an umbrella. And when the forecast says it’s going to rain, even if it is just a 10%, you take those rain boots and umbrella to work. I learned this lesson the hard way when I thought a 20% chance of rain was a joke only to walk out of the Hart Senate building at 5pm to torrential downpour. If looking like you just took a shower in a suit is the new cool thing to do, let me tell you, I owned it.
  • Do not jump on the beds out of pure excitement when you first enter your dorm room. Another hard lesson my roommate and I learned when I nearly broke my hip the first day. Okay, I’m slightly exaggerating, but there is a Bed, Bath, & Beyond right off the Galley Place/Chinatown Metro stop on the Red Line that has fairly priced mattress toppers. WORTH IT.
  • Girls: You don’t need what I would consider as “Vegas” or Downtown SB dresses. I brought far too many only to send them home when I realized I would look extremely out of place in the bar scene here. East coast vs. West coast style is very different so head over to J Crew and leave your ripped jeans and Doc Marten’s in California. White House Black Market, Anne Taylor, and Nordy’s are your new best friends when it comes to the ever looming suit hunt. Get it done stat in case you have to get them altered.
  • Bring pictures. There were so many times throughout the quarter when I would feel a little homesick that I was thankful to have pictures of my best friends and family covering my room.
  • A correction to one of my previous posts: Ethernet cords are no better than the Wi-Fi itself. Accept the fact that the UCDC internet is a troll now and you’ll be less likely to be disappointed upon your arrival. But don’t you fret, there is a Starbucks, book store, and multiple cafes in walking distance so as long as it’s not snowing (god speed winter term students), you’ll be fine.

The UCDC center is in the middle of DuPont, the nicest neighborhood you may ever live in. The distance it is from just about anything is extremely convenient. And for my last demands: Go to the US Botanical Gardens right in front of the Capitol and next to the Smithsonian American Indian Museum. It’s hands down one of my favorite places in DC. AND go to Bub and Pops and get the Fried PB&J. If you don’t I’ll be personally offended, that’s how good it is.

And now for my final farewell! UCDC has opened doors for me that I never thought were possible. Coming here I thought my life was going in one direction, but it turns out that just because you think you’re meant to be one thing, doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s what you’re supposed to do. UCDC taught me to explore options, take every opportunity with full enthusiasm, and expand on whatever you already thought you knew. If you come to DC with a closed mind thinking that whatever your parents engrained in your head growing up or whatever you friends told you to think is right is the universal truth, you are setting yourself up for a hard time. Being an open listener in a city with opinions and public policies and draws between party lines flying at you from all angles is not an easy task, but it is an important part of what I’ve learned here. The class I took, Washington Media, was taught by one of the most enthusiastic and passionate professors I have ever had the honor to take a class from. Not going to lie, I shed a tear on my final commute to work this morning. I’ll miss DC, but I’m beyond excited to get back to IV for my senior year and to move in to my ocean side home with 13 of the best gals I know. DC has definitely made me more of a “yes man” and to all that travel to study here at UCDC in the future I hope it has the same effect on you that it has had on me. Peace out for now DC, you’ll be seeing me in the future!


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