Less than a Month Left

With less than a month left here in DC, I am finding myself scrambling to find enough time to get everything I would like to do before I leave done. There are so many things that I would like to do and see before I return back to California.  And I’m currently just trying to figure out how to squeeze them in between all the last minute events, interning and papers.

However this past week I did manage to get a day off from my internship and spend four days and three nights in New York City. I went the past weekend, in which Veteran’s Day fell on Tuesday (November 11th) and was able to get the Monday before off. I headed off to the Big Apple and had an amazing time! [Btw: I got my tickets for the MegaBus a month in advanced and only paid $7 round-trip]. I had a longtime friend who is currently living in NY so that took care of most of the details, including  where to stay and how to get around as well as what to do, so my trip was pretty smooth. She showed me around and not just to the big tourist spots but also to the smaller boroughs and hole-in-the-walls that give the city so much character. From taking the ferry to Staten Island and seeing the Statue of Liberty to seeing live music in the lower eastside, my experience was nothing short of what I expected. On my last night we went to a bar where I ran into a former co-worker and friend from UCSB. It was such a pleasant surprise coming across another Gaucho on the other side of the country. We really are spread out everywhere!Photo 4

Upon arriving back to DC from NY my friend and I still had time to make it to the Veteran’s Day Concert of Valor. Photo 5It was an incredible free concert put on by the city to honor those who served.  It was a crazy turn out with hundreds of thousands of people coming out to the National Mall to support and hear the once in a life time line up. Despite not being able to see the actual stage the national mall was lined with huge screen that made it possible for everyone to see what was going on. It was a great time full of inspiration, great music and an overwhelming sense of pride.

Some more suggestions on making the most of your time in DC:

  • Plan ahead and write things down. Know what things you absolutely HAVE to do and see before you leave and plan dates to do them. Write them down – my roommates and I use post-its above our desk as a constant reminder.
  • Planning ahead also allows you to give your internship proper notice so it doesn’t seem like you are irresponsible. Try to figure out any time off you may need early, it’s a lot more professional and way easier when both of you know in advance.
  • If you’re like a majority of us, your internship will be unpaid and you will have to rely on your financial aid, savings or parents and other family to provide funding while you’re here. Plan ahead and try to keep a weekly budget.
  • Almost the entire city of DC follows the federal holiday calendar. Try to plan trips and extended excursions around holidays, it just makes the most sense.

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