It’s Finally Fall

These past couple of weeks have been some of the most memorable thus far. For starters some of my sorority sisters flew in from California to hang out and spend time and attend Howard’s homecoming. Howard was the first university established for African American students in the nation, right after the Civil War, and also home to the founding of our illustrious organization. We had a great time all weekend networking and attending the many events put on by the students at the school. It was quite a different experience from being at UCSB as it is a much smaller university and you definitely can feel the difference as it seems like all of the students literally know each other.  It was a wonderful chance to experience what football culture is like at a college and I think maybe UCSB should consider tailgates as part of our soccer pre-game rituals!sorority

The following week the core seminar I am taking which focuses on the Media’s role in Washington, took our class on a field trip to the Newseum. The Newseum is one of the few museums in DC that charges an entrance fee but it is definitely more than worth the cost. Not only do you get a two day pass but the museum is huge and full of interesting exhibits that range in topic from historical events such as the Civil Rights Movement and 9/11 to a Hall of Front pages which is updated daily and features the front page of a major new source from each state in the country. The Newseum has easily become one of my personal favorite museums. Newseum

This past week was filled with excitement at the center as we were given the chance to speak with Associate Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. This was the chance of a lifetime and while some students were a little disappointed in her talking points, I greatly enjoyed how candid and engaging she was as she spoke about everything from what initially sparked her interest in law to the greatest advice she every received which happened to come from her mother-in-law. Justice Ginsburg was careful as she spoke but open and honest about her opinions and positions and still considers herself an ardent feminist and has no intention of stepping down early. She fully embraces her fan given title “Notorious RBG” and even gifts shirts possessing the name.RBG

This week was also a first for the weather as temperatures have finally dipped below 50 degrees. Nevertheless fall in DC is absolutely gorgeous as the leaves have changed and fallen from the branches and coated the capital in a beautiful tint of orange and green. So while I do miss the warm California sun, fall in DC is definitely a new favorite of mine.


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