Week 1: Olamide

Hello, my name is Olamide Oladipupo and I am currently a graduating senior enjoying my final quarter of undergrad in Washington, D.C.  While I’ve only been here a little more than a week and a half I am definitely in love! There are so many things to do and see all the time. I will admit at first I was quite overwhelmed by the newness of it all but once I realized that I had already lived on my own for four years I was able to get over the initial shock of it all.

Photo 1When I arrived I was lucky enough to get in early on Sunday, which gave me time to unpack and get settled and make a run to Target for bedding! I had the chance to do some exploring as well as take the time to map my route and time it would take to get to my internship before my actual start date, which wasn’t until Thursday. I had time to go see the monuments and memorials and familiarize myself with the Metro (public transportation system). I took my time exploring the downtown neighborhood that the center is located in and tried to familiarize myself with the new city.Photo 2

So far I’ve been really enjoying my internship at the Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia. I am interning in the Civil Litigation Division and work with three attorneys directly. Two of them represent the DC School District and the other focuses on other civil claims that occur between the district and other parties. I’ve learned so much during my short time here. On my very first day I was able to go to superior court for a hearing. I’ve got to read over cases that are in progress between the District and other parties and see the play out of the entire process from a complaint to trial all within the first week (which I’ve been informed is very unusual). On a daily basis I usually assist my lawyers with slightly less glamorous work such as redacting classified information from documents and copying documents to put together exhibits. However I hardly ever find myself bored as my assigned lawyers as well as others in the office try to make the day to day as interactive as possible and often invite me and other interns along even for somewhat menial tasks. Everyone is so nice and share lots of information about law school and any other useful things they may have come across. They also encourage questions and will take the time to explain things in layman’s terms to ensure that we understand. Needless to say I am greatly enjoying my time in DC so far and please feel to contact me with any questions 🙂 Looking forward to keeping you updated!

Photo 4


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