Ashley – Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

It has pretty much been officially a month since arriving in DC, which is crazy to even think about.  Just a month ago I was finishing up finals and worrying about how life in DC would be.  And now just one month later, I’m strutting to work each day and worrying about how bittersweet it’ll be when I have to leave.

But this post isn’t about the sadness of departure; it’s about the number of new and exciting things I’ve done in my month here!  Of course I can’t condense all of my experiences here, so I’ll just highlight some of the major ones:

Georgetown:  Repeat after me: “Baked and Wired”.  These are the only words you ever need to know if you’re venturing out into Georgetown.  From the amazing taste to the hilariously witty cupcake names (that are slightly embarrassing to order), Baked and Wired has everything I’ve always wanted and more in a cupcake shop.  But when I’m not shoving cupcakes down my throat, I’m exploring the other interesting parts of Georgetown.  Just this past Sunday, my housemates and I visited a small flea market where people were selling a ton of cool things.  There were comic books, handmade bracelets, old knickknacks, and more.  I didn’t buy anything, but I’ll definitely have to go back another week and look some more.  Georgetown is a great place to just hang out; there’s a bunch of different stores and restaurants (and an awesome gelato place, but I won’t get started on food again).


Happy 4th:  I was excited to celebrate a very American Fourth of July this year by Snapchatting my red, white, and blue outfit and watching the fireworks at the National Mall.  The sheer number of people all sitting out near the Washington Monument was overwhelming, but I loved being a part of it.  We waited almost two hours to see the show, waving around small flags and enjoying the festive anticipation.  Then finally, dramatic fireworks and flashes of thousands of smartphones illuminated the night sky.  Completely worth the wait and the memories.

Snapchat-20140628043223 Snapchat-20140704045809

Philadelphia: A couple of weekends ago, UCDC took a group of us students on a day trip to Philadelphia (Note: If you’re planning on doing UCDC, definitely sign up for a couple of planned events).  We piled into the bus at 7am and watched Catching Fire as we drove the three hours to Philly.  The day pretty much consisted of a three hour walking tour of historical landmarks the city is known for.  Our tour guide was a sassy older woman dressed in colonial garb who made sure to tell us that the Betsy Ross house was more than likely not where Ross actually lived.  We made our way to a couple different churches, past Benjamin Franklin’s grave, and through Independence Hall.  It was great seeing these places that have such a huge stamp in American History, but it did get really tiring by late afternoon.  There was a major highlight of the day though: Reading Terminal Market.  It’s basically a huge indoor market where you can buy any type of food imaginable: pickles, Thai food, Philly Cheesesteak, Pasta, Fish, Candy, Donuts, Cookies, Fudge, and the list goes on.  Leaving was the hardest part, just after choosing what I actually wanted to eat.  I doubt I’ll go back any time soon, but I’ll probably visit in my dreams.



20140628_145812                                                       Independence Hall

There’s still so much to do here, and I only have about a month and a half left to do what I can.  Unfortunately that means I can’t always spend the weekends snoozing until 4pm and camping in front of the computer, but it’s definitely worth it.

Tip #2: When you meet the Senator of Hawaii, try to be a little less awkward than you usually are (oops).




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