Lexi – Arriving in D.C.

white houseMy name’s Lexi Weyrick and I study Sociology at UC Santa Barbara. I’m planning on becoming a lawyer and then going eventually going into politics. I, along with a few other UCSB students, did not arrive in D.C. with an internship. However, Veronica, our campus’s coordinator, has made sure to make us feel at ease as she works with us to acquire an internship. I’m more excited by this, because I feel wherever I end up will be a fun experience a little different than what I was expecting as most policy/law internships have been filled for the summer.

IMG_9214Let me just start out by saying that D.C. is a lot different than I expected it to be. I drove in from New Jersey (where my parents live) and was feeling pretty anxious about being left alone in a strange city where I didn’t know anyone. However, UCDC has a Target run for all the new students and I highly recommend going on that. I met a ton of people, got to explore the metro, and was able to get sheets (yeah, I forgot those). Just a couple of hours going to Target had made me feel completely comfortable about D.C. and the summer

D.C. is one of those cities that doesn’t seem to have down time. Instead, people go out to a bar or some sort of entertainment venue every day of the week. My roommates (who I feel really lucky to get along so well with) and I have gone to a few different bars to explore the city and we haven’t been to a place we don’t like yet.

IMG_9123There are also a lot of local grocery/regular shopping and many places to eat within
walking distance of the UC Washington Center. I found these easily through just walking around. Exploring the city has become a daily activity for me. I went on the UCDC planned Capitol tour and that was incredible. I also went with UCDC to Ben’s Chili Bowl, a famous restaurant here in D.C. I was blown away by the chili cheese dog and the cheese fries I ate. I don’t even like chili normally, but this stuff was other worldly.

I’m very excited for the summer ahead. It’s only been one week, but I feel like I’ve already traveled outside of my comfort zone several times. I thought I would come here looking to expand my resume and hopefully figure out some sort of solid career plan, but I think the real point of this trip for me will be to let myself relax a little and take in this summer one moment at a time. In the wise words of Aerosmith, I don’t want to miss a thing.

IMG_9117IMG_9098 IMG_9129 IMG_9158


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