Debora – Intro to Summer in D.C.

Debora Hi, I’m Debora!

I come from the suburban city of Stevenson Ranch in the Santa Clarita Valley (Six Flags, woop woop!). I study Political Science at our lovely UC Santa Barbara, so I was stoked when I heard about UCDC. And let me say, DC weather was NOT what I was expecting.

The moment I stepped out of the Dulles Airport I couldn’t stop complaining about how hot and humid it was. Stevenson Ranch gets scorching hot at 110 degrees during the summer, but it’s dry heat. The heat here is super different, and I feel like I’m always soaking in sweat as long as I’m outside. But at least we get to wear shorts and dresses at night without worrying about freezing our butts off! It’s only Day 2 here but I feel like I can get quite used to this.

I’m not very familiar with writing blog posts, but just hang in there with me! Aside from the weather, I’m just really happy that I’m in DC!! It’s nice to see people dressed so professionally everywhere I go. I’d say it’s a good change from the super casual atmosphere we get in IV.

Also, the fact that I get the opportunity to experience DC with the guidance the program offers is so comforting. I’m excited for all the experiences, events, people, and memories this place has in store for me and everyone else. Best of luck to all of us!

P.S.: I’m also doing the 100 Happy Days challenge on Instagram, so feel free to follow me @ debdebss. ^__^ I’ll be posting my adventures, of course, but most importantly: #foodporn.



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