Andy – Goodbye D.C. – see you soon?

With the more than shocking and devastating events in Isla Vista, I paused my blog for a while. Now my experience in D.C. came to a close and I can only recommend you participating as well. Just to cover what has happened in the last three weeks: I continued going to a lot of events, did some fund stuff, visited a lot of museums, the Supreme Court, etc. I also travelled a bit on the weekend.

Most importantly, at UCDC you will meet incredible people: for starters, just in the program itself I met incredible individuals who share similar aspirations as I do and I highly appreciated their enthusiasm for certain issues. I learnt from them and hopefully contributed to their understanding of certain topics as well. Second, the work experience you gain opens indeed doors, makes you more professional in several aspects and gives you contacts for when you decide to work in D.C. later on.

The last overall element I will mention, of course there are many more though, is the cultural program and everything D.C. offers. It will help you to become more independent and gives you new perspectives on your future professional career, on interpersonal relationships, and on life in general. A couple of students stayed in D.C., some even got job offers for after graduation, others will intend to definitely return later in life, and some want to stay in California but have been enriched by such a wonderful experience.

I am very grateful that I first chose to apply, got selected and actually then went to D.C., as the experience has been absolutely worthwhile. You will stay connected to the UC community in the center, while experiencing a whole different American culture. I have met a lot of other European interns and young professionals in D.C. and I am glad that the city is so young, dynamic and also to some extent international.

I will take off for my new adventure abroad, but UCDC will always be with me. Just read through the application process and talk the officers and advisors at UCSB, they will be more than happy to help you with your decision! Off I go.

Cosmopolitantly yours,


monument across water


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