Andy – Forget Routine


When you come to D.C., you will see that no day is like another. There are endless opportunities and countless things you want to do: events you want to attend, people you would like to meet up with, receptions you would be eager to go to. And the best thing is: most of the time you can indeed do all of that! … in theory. You will soon realize that there is just too much, and you constantly miss out on events you would have liked to attend, speakers you could not listen to, etc.

The UCDC center also offers a lot in this regard: every Monday a great public figure is invited to talk just to you and you can interact with them. Ralph Nader was here, as you may have heard – now you have! And it was very interesting to hear his opinion and his urging us to engage and be active in order to change what you desire to be changed in society.

On the same day, I attended a library of congress orientation, since I might need to go there to do some research for my scholar later on. Since I don’t work on capital hill, this is just a whole new world I haven’t really seen before. Washington has a lot of different galaxies. A universe you should come to experience for yourself very soon!

UCSB had a special event as well, as the alumni society organized a speech by a UCSB noble laureate in economics. At this event various people were present with different backgrounds that all went to UCSB at some point – and it was a piece of California in D.C., like the UCDC center itself. As you can see you will never be the only Californian here in D.C., and a lot is going to be organized for you – and networking opportunities exist to get you started in the capital. This weekend I visited my friend in New Jersey, since it’s only a couple of hours away.


Restlessly yours,


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