Andy – Excursions

Heyho Gauchos, as promised last week: this week’s theme is excursions. And I start right away with the most incredible journey. Last weekend a couple of UCDC students decided to rent cars and drive up to the Niagara Falls! Yes, the Niagara Falls. I probably spent more than twenty hours in a car during these two days, but one may say: it was worth it. After some car-rental issues we left DC Friday/Saturday night at 1 a.m. And after much excitement we saw the falls already half a day later. The falls are nice, but apparently from the Canadian side it’s way better. I could not go because of my visa, but some people were sad they did not bring their passport. Anyway, bottom line is: worth going, incredible to see, but maybe it’s better to go there in May/June when there are some activities like being on the boat right next to the falls etc. On our way back we stopped spontaneously in Pittsburgh and spent some time, which was fun.

Niagra Falls

Next excursion on the list: my first NBA game. It was nice to experience the sports culture here on the East coast, especially when coming from Europe and where not only the type of sports but also the culture around it is so different. I went there with two friends from here, and we paid less than 20$ for a fun evening.

NBA Game

And to complete the circle, with travelling, nature, and sports, there is another excursion I want you to talk about, in the cultural realm: the National Gallery. I had a field trip with my elective here and we went to this famous museum, and although I went there before, I experienced it from a different perspective being there with an expert in the field and giving us students new insights into how to perceive the space in the museum – intriguing.

This is just a short, very brief overview for you guys what’s there to discover here on the East Coast, in and around DC. I enjoyed walking around and seeing the memorials and monuments, but there is even way more than that. So this week’s theme was based on these cool excursions – only a small example of what you can do here! So, don’t wait any longer and apply to come to DC!

Transiently yours,



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