Norma – Network, Blossoms, Croquet, to Kelly!

I know this is getting repetitive, but seriously, this week has also been amazing! This entire experience is beyond belief. The cherry blossoms are finally in bloom and they are BEUATIFUL to say the least. This week has been exceptional, there is so much to share I don’t even know where to start or what to include.

I will start with work and the office. Working on the Hill is truly something that is still unbelievable, I still can’t believe that I am in the position I am in over half the time. I went on a staff tour of the capitol and it was amazing! I got to see the bathtub, yes there is still a marble bathtub in the Capitol from when senators and congressmen would have to bathe before going on the floor before public transportation. There are so many hidden jewels and beautiful sights. I got to finally go over to the floor (balcony not actually on it) to witness the Equal Pay Vote. It is a completely different experience being there witnessing it in person than when you watch on tv or read news articles. The process is much more compleIMG951414x and difficult than I had believed.  As a staff member there are also a lot of perks and amazin g events we get to attend. This weeks highlight was most definitely meeting THE Kelly Rowland! She was at the Capitol to present on behalf of the Boys and Girls Club and Taco Bell. I was beyond star struck! Which I am sure you will notice in my cheesy picture, as bad as it is, i will be keeping it forever. That same night we had a reception with free taco bell, and it was a crazy sight! It was like going to Jesus Burgers on a Saturday night, except everyone was in suits fighting over free tacos. I guess some college habits never die. Either way it was fun to eat, socialize and network.

Another great networking experience I had was after the premier of the documentary Documented, which I HIGHLY recommend you all go watch! It is about famous journalist, filmmaker, and immigration activist. The film follows him around a couple years of his life, from coming out as undocumented, to resolving issues with his mom who he hasn’t seen in over 20 years, and the effects of our immigration policies on real people. It is not as much a political film as it is a heart wrenching, funny, and loving film. After the film there was a reception with Jose and a variety of other activists, organization leaders, congress-people, and just amazing individuals. It was literally the best networking experience ever! It was held in the headquarters of (which was amazing on it’s own to be in that space). I got to speak with many incredibly influential people and was even asked to submit my resume or grab coffee with the executive directors of multiple national organizations. NOTE: To all of you who are planning on coming to UCDC or who are here, ALWAYS remain professional and prepared, you NEVER really know who you are talking to. A very casual conversation with one of the women who I happened to be waiting to use the restroom with ended up being a very prominent person in D.C. and national politics. It was a brief conversation where I talked about my experience, aspirations, and motives behind attending the screening, turned into a job offer! Yes. ATTEND as many networking events as you can, screenings, receptions, lectures, and converse with people you need to take INITIATIVE! Good luck!


Off of the professional and onto the personal, it has still been just as amazing! Again, it is the cherry blossom festival going on. There was a fireworks show and huge parade, there are an unbelievable amount of people in DC right now it is crazy (and crowded). Therefore I have avoided the metro and public transportation, getting in a workout with walking. I didn’t actually attend any of those events but I was fortunate enough to go out with a pretty great individual who took me out to dinner and a sunset cruise round the tidal basin. It was BEAUTIFUL to say the least, pictures do not do the blossoms justice. And being able to see rows of blossoms from the water on a sunset cruise, I felt like I was coming straight out of a movie!

0409041353Finally, on Saturday I had the opportunity to go to a croquet match in Annapolis Maryland. I am still not used to the fact that I can literally cross state lines is the matter of minutes, but yes we headed over for a day trip. It was a great, fancy, and new experience (picture Great Gatsby meets Pretty Woman). There were a lot of people, and a LOT of wine. It was a day of sunshine (it is heating up), drinks, company, and fun!

I think that is it for now. I have to get back to work!



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