Andy – Getting settled in–and torn between opportunities

Howdy Gauchos. My internships are getting more concrete. I met the office staff of my internship in the think tank and contributed my first relevant entries to the homepages, completed research jobs and also, admittedly, did some administrative work–which is supposed to be less in the future. It is interesting to see–when figuring out your goals, etc.–how you need to adjust these in order to match realistic and strategic ideas; i.e. the goal-setting process is different than you thought it would be. Our classes started as well with research proposals and the first assignments, but don’t worry it’s really manageable to have two classes and work quasi full-time; although you need to invest more time in it, but you profit from it as well. Other than that the UCDC Center offered the first Development Career event, which shall help you in the exact process of determining the goals for the internship period here. The Center offers some events in this vein and also invites interesting people you can listen to.

Outside of the academic and professional environment, I visited the zoo–which is nice, but not recommended in the evening (although it is free), as many animals are inside and they close those doors before the main gate (so keep that in mind and maybe go rather on a free day or the weekend). The air and space museum is also something you should visit, as it is apparently among the most visited museums in the world. When I got there, I got lucky, as they just started a tour, so we just followed and listened, and it was interesting what details about history you were not aware of when it comes to flying or  space. So check it out. I went with my roommates and we had a good time together.

Air and Space MuseumBut rest assured you also make friends outside of the DC Center, when meeting other interns or people on events, etc.–D.C. is a very connecting city. You are definitely overwhelmed by all the options and opportunity the capital offers, but you sure will learn soon that when organizing and planning the events or trips–you can make the best out of it. I visited Georgetown this week with a friend and it was nice just seeing a completely different part of the city, which has special characteristics–but no spoiler alert: I’ll let you discover it by yourself, when you’re here. Ok now I’m off, because I need to finalize my bachelor thesis topic which I have to think about and write while being here, stay tuned for next week’s theme: the Cherry Blossoms–‘the’ thing not to miss in DC.

Dedicatedly yours,



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