Norma – Lunch with Senator Feinstein and #2million2many

Senate logo on mug and metroSo I just got out of lunch with Senator Dianne Feinstein and the other office interns and it was literally one of the most transformative experiences ever. D.C. has been nothing like I could have imagined but in the best of ways. I have found myself feeling refreshed, excited, bright, and new again. I feel as if I could take on the world (sidenote should have asked about burnout).

I have been working in the Judicial Committee for Senator Feinstein and have been busy. I am definitely doing a lot more hands-on work than I expected, from writing memos to attending hearings; it is an invaluable experience. Today has definitely been a highlight. The interns were all asked in to have a lunch with the Senator where she sat down and got to share a little bit of our story and hear about why she is in office as well as receive advice. Listening to someone with so much experience and success, it was both humbling and inspiring to hear how similar her feelings and place was when she was around my age. I came out of lunch feeling re-energized and excited to work in public service. I once looked at D.C. as a short-term project, a buffer between now and when I was going to figure out my life. Now that I am here, I am thinking maybe I have already begun my journey to finding my self and realizing my passions.

DemonstrationAnother huge part about this weekend was my ability to be a part of a national action at the White House demanding President Obama take a step towards immigration reform and halt all deportations now. The headliner is #2million2many and while I have been at many different marches, rallies, and protests, being in front of the White House with so many influential people and seeing the support from all communities, white, black, brown, citizens, was an unbelievable feeling!

For those of you who have never been a part of a social movement or who have attended an action I HIGHLY recommend you go. One of the biggest pieces of advice I could ever give you is find your passion and follow it! There is nothing better than waking up and loving what you do. There will be hard times, but as long as you have a cause you truly believe in, you will make it, and it will all be all right.




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