Norma – Introduction

Norma profile pictureI am a 21 year old graduating UCSB senior. I am Mexican. I majored in Global Studies with an emphasis in the Middle East. I love to eat, travel, learn, and write. My passions are human rights work and immigration. I am a small town country girl (I come from one of the smallest unified cities in California) who is just out to change the world, one person at a time. I have been involved in a variety of things at UCSB including UCSB I.D.E.A.S, the first and ONLY undocumented student support group at UCSB, and Associated Students, our student government (specifically in the office of the External Vice President and Student Lobby). I was a Resident assistant my second year and did Semester at Sea, a travel abroad program where I lived on a ship and traveled to 8 different countries to study.  I like to consider my self an open minded, happy, energetic, and loving person. I am excited and happy to share my time and story with you! Thanks for reading! I started my journey to UCDC on March 23, 2014. I have had a bit of bad luck when it came to getting here, I missed my connecting flight and had to pay $180 to get on a plane to DC!!!! So for those of yall who are planning on coming, and you all should, just please remember to ALWAYS be early, plan ahead, and make sure you get an early enough flight that missing one or having a delay won’t hurt you. USSA Leg ConIn any case I am having an AMAZING time! I am currently an intern in the United States Senate for Senator Dianne Feinstein, something I really couldn’t have foreseen or imagined a few years ago. I can’t even begin to explain what it feels like to be working for the largest senate office in the COUNTRY and under such an experienced and leading Senate member. I currently intern working both with legislative assistants and the Judiciary committee. I have only had two days in the office, but I have already been able to do some incredible hands on stuff. UCDC is nothing like I had expected, it is so much better. Stay tuned =)


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