Andy – Arriving in D.C.

Blurry, snowy CongressHi prospective students for the UCDC program and everyone else! My name is Andy and I am about to embark on my East Coast experience thanks to UCSB. Only six months ago I arrived in beautiful Santa Barbara for my year abroad, just to go ‘abroad’ again and see a different state of the U.S. I am a European international relations senior and interning in the beltway seemed like a great idea for both professional and personal growth. The application procedure for internships can take longer than expected; don’t ever feel too frustrated though if you have done your best, since the UCDC team on campus and also your coordinator here in D.C., Veronica, are hands-down the best help and support for you. I will be interning as I was hoping in a research environment, and am glad to start my internship at a Middle East non-profit this week and another renowned think tank. I cannot wait to live so close to the center of U.S. power and work also next to the White House.

Washington Monument in snow

Having already had some professional experience and interned in various institutions in Europe, I am looking forward to seeing how the U.S. working environment is different and what I will deem most interesting, peculiar or impressive. I hope you’re looking forward to experiencing that with me over the next 2.5 months, as I will share with you whatever I find enthralling, challenging or inspiring here in the U.S. capitol. And I am positive that there will be a lot to tell you guys about! So stay tuned for what comes next, when I will share with you my first impressions of the capitol, my work and the time I have here on the East Coast! Until then you should already check out what you would look forward to most here by doing a quick internet search, because who knows: maybe you will be here during fall quarter already?!

Expectantly yours, Andy


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