My First Week in D.C.

centerDC is freezing, but thankfully it’s not snowing…yet.

A blast of bitter cold wind greeted me at the doors of the Reagan National Airport.  This frigid cold air is not my definition of a warm welcome (sorry, bad pun!), but I was certainly prepared for it.  

After hearing about the blizzard that bombarded the East Coast, I made sure to pack and wear layers upon layers of clothes.  I was also nervous about all of the flight cancellations and delays due to the weather.  I can thank my lucky stars for my flight was exactly on time.  Because Reagan National Airport is about 10-15 minutes away from the UC Washington Center, I decided to take a $20 taxi ride, rather than a $29 shuttle ride. For those who arrive in Dulles, I would suggest taking the shuttle, since that airport is about 40 minutes away.

roomThe UC Washington Center is a beautiful, modern eleven stories high building.  The room I was assigned to is on the 10th floor with a magnificent view of skyscrapers and the Embassy of the Philippines and the Embassy of Australia.  My room is equipped with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, and a kitchen.  I am living with three girls who are friendly, ambitious, and driven.  It’s quite disturbing, yet fascinating and admirable to be surrounded by type-A individuals with career-oriented goals.

While in DC, I would suggest taking advantage of the events the UCDC program offers. Yesterday, I had the privilege to take a tour of the interior of the Capitol Building.  I was impressed by the breathtakingly beautiful architectural details that make up the Capitol.   I was in awe of the many statues of some of the most amazing figures of our country’s history.  To see the seat of government and where our laws are shaped was truly a great experience.

Please continue reading my blog posts for tips on surviving the winter East Coast weather, restaurant and food recommendations, and information about life in D.C.  Make sure to visit my website ( for videos, fashion tips, and more!



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